Art Struggles

All Artists Hate It!

Art Struggles

Bea L., Blogger

As an artist, you have to go through things in your art career. Here are just a few of them.

Smudging Your Pencil Work 

The aftermath

Nothing is more frustrating than when all of your work is ruined by your own hand. I could just be finished recreating the Mona Lisa, but as soon as I rest my hand on the paper it looks like her face is part of the background. Even if you rest your hand on a different piece of paper, the piece still gets smudged.

Super Expensive Supplies

WHY ARE ART SUPPLIES SO EXPENSIVE? I could buy a whole pack of mechanical pencils for the price of a quality pair of 4B and 6B pencils. Don’t even get me started on paints, paper, or pastels (oh alliteration!).

Mixing the Right Color

You attempt to mix a nice blue color for the sky in your landscape and you succeed. It is the prettiest blue you have ever made and you want to cherish it forever. Too bad you only mixed such a small amount to paint a “test puddle.” You attempt to recreate it before you accept defeat. Sorry, you won’t be seeing that color again. Oh purple, why must you be so hard to achieve?

“What are you drawing??” “Can you draw (blah, blah, blah)”

I kinda hate drawing in public because at least one person will always ask one of the following,

  • “Hey, do you draw?”
  • “Do you know how to draw (blah)?”
  • “It kinda looks like (artist)’s work!”
  • Any form of criticism (despite them having a completely different art style)



They could be older/have more experience but when you first see their art you have to admit, you’re jealous. It’s even worse when they’re younger than you. You can’t help but wonder, “HOW CAN SOMEONE SO YOUNG DRAW SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PORTRAIT?”

The Final Copy 

(this artist is great by the way)

You’re sitting in Science but you instantly become bored, so you head to the corner of your notes and start drawing. You draw a magnificent horse with a beautiful mane. You think to yourself, “Wow, this would look nice on a big paper.” You excitedly start the new piece with the proper supplies and…it looks terrible. Curses, the sketch was too much.

It makes so angry that it makes me want to erase it off of my notes but at the same time, I feel accomplished. I sometimes wish that there was a “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” button to transfer ideas to proper paper.

It’s also pretty awkward to think of a teacher randomly coming across a realistic eye. Sometimes I’m concerned whenever that does happen. What if they think I’m crazy? Disturbed?