Michael B Jordan Is the Love of My Life

Crystal Nguyen, Writer

I Invited My Ex-Boyfriend To My Wedding

   Hi guys today I will be talking about how we (Michael B Jordan and I) planned our wedding. We decided that we wanted the ceremony to be huge with many people. We started inviting everyone including my ex boyfriend because what made him think that it was okay to break up with me. I also invited him because I wanted him to cry at the wedding and DROWN himself in his tears because he is so sad to see me marry Michael B Jordan. Yes BRADEN, I am talking about you, and I also invited your mother! PS I love you Heidi!

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    We decided that we wanted red flowers because they’re just so romantic. I also decided that it would be great to invite my ex best friend who tried to home wreck me to the wedding so she can cry and regret her life decisions because what made her think that my boyfriend would leave ME for HER. Yes this is about you CHLOE you’re NOT SLICK I know what you tried to do and you FAILED because he would never leave ME for YOU. We also wanted a chocolate fountain, a huge cake, a limo, a photographer, a violinist, and a huge menu (which I paid for because I’m richer than him).

 I Married Michael B Jordan and Fought My Ex-Best Friend At The Wedding

   On our wedding day, everything was perfect. The flowers were beautiful, the menu was delicious, the setting was an absolute dream. I walked down, we said our vows, and we celebrated. Until I felt a nasty smell creeping up on my nose. I looked around and saw my ex and my ex best friend walk in TOGETHER.

   I looked around to see if anyone else was with them. No one else was with them because no one wanted to be around the stench. I was enjoying the party when they walked over to me and tried to talk to me. My ex best friend CHLOE wore WHITE to the wedding. She tried SO HARD to look better than me but she FAILED. I laughed at her because her plan backfired. She then tried to grab onto me so I pushed her towards the huge bowl of punch. Red fruit punch got all over her dress and she cried. She then left the party sobbing. 

   My ex boyfriend ended up being there alone. After our dance, I saw him crying in the corner. My husband and I laughed as we were saying goodbye to our guests. 

   Braden ended up crying himself to sleep on the floor and security kicked him out. This was the best day of my life.