Top Five Bigfoot Found in Fortnite

 Fortnite wallpaper by XShadowBladeXX - 31 - Free on ZEDGE™

Fortnite wallpaper by XShadowBladeXX – 31 – Free on ZEDGE™

Adolfo Vargas, Writer

 Top 5 Sweetest Skin Combos

Get Fortnite or if you already have it then you’re good.

Load up Fortnite.

Get bucks (a good deal is the 20 Vbuck card).

Once you have gotten your Vbucks then look at the item shop to look for these items: Superhero girl skin, crystal. Then get a wild card, the wild card is a skin that only Nintendo players can get. The next skin you should get is the Dummy skin, and then the Scarlet Commander. Now for your pick axes, you should get is star wand pink crowbar,  icebreaker, and leviathan axe. Lastly the driver pick axe. Then once you get these items you could customs however you want.

Top Five Best Landing Spots

The top five landing spots are one Breakwater Bay. It would have 20 chests and a one-foot locker. Two Knotty Nets. It will have 37 chests and one sword. Three Kenjutsu Crossing with one sword and 21 chests. Then the flag is there for some free loot and scanning all the chests for faster looting.

Four is Shatter Labs. It has 23 chests with two-foot lockers. Five Frenzy Fields. It would have 25 chests one flag an NPC who would have an epic or legendary havoc shotgun.