Best Anime Openings!

Best Anime Openings!

Brenda O., Blogger

Don’t know what to listen to? I recommend listening to these popular well known anime openings!

Unravel – Tokyo Ghoul

“Unravel” is a well known opening among the anime community. The lyrics for this song are pretty much shows what the whole anime is about. The song can be also viewed from the main character’s point of view, Kaneki Ken. If you want a heart breaking song (with amazing graphics) that’ll end with you in tears, then listen to this one.

Monochrome No Kiss – Black Butler

“Monochrome No Kiss” is a very upbeat opening. The vocals blend in beautifully with so many instruments going at the same time, especially the guitar riff. In the opening you’ll see most of the characters that appear in the show. Besides the opening is very elegant, however at the same time, mysterious.

Hello Sleepwalkers – OP1 – Noragami

“Hello Sleepwalkers” is the first opening of Noragami. This opening is also upbeat and breathtaking. The graphics for the opening are gray. However, every character shows a beautiful color of themselves. The feeling of this opening is uplifting and, again, breathtaking.

Hey Kids! – OP2 – Noragami

This opening is quite different from this first one. This one makes you feel like you have to do something because of the amazing vocals. Also, it’s more colorful and has more action. You’ll see Yatos’ and Bishamons’ epic fighting, while everyone else is joining into that fight. If you ever feel down or want to feel that rush then I recommend you listening to this!

Colors OP1 – Code Geass

Just like “Unravel,” this opening explains what Lelouchs’ goal is. That goal is revolution. The lyrics will leave you in tears because you will be able to relate to it. The melody for this opening is calm, graceful, and uplifting

All of these opening are great and you won’t regret listening to them!