Best Ice Cream Flavor?

Aubry Bierer, Writer

Strawberry is the best ice cream flavor. It’s the better because it tastes the best, is the best for you, and you can put anything on it. 

Strawberry is the best ice cream flavor because it tastes the best. The sweet but neutral and refreshing flavor tastes so good. The flavor itself is just sweet and a good ice cream to have during the summer and winter if you put the right toppings on it.

Speaking of toppings, you can pretty much put any topping to make any kind of zing you want to it. If you want your strawberry ice cream to be salty, maybe suggest putting peanuts on it or salted caramel. If you want a sweeter kind of ice cream, hot fudge is the way to go! Also If you were hoping for something even more refreshing, fresh fruit is a go to. Or if you want you can put them all on!

Also the last time I checked, strawberries are a fruit and don’t have too many calories, sugars, or fats. With this information it has to be way better than sugary chocolate, or artificial vanilla.

Strawberry is the best ice cream flavor because it’s good for you, it tastes good, and you can put any toppings on.