Mexican Restaurants vs American Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants vs American Restaurants

Jimena Rodriguez, Writer

Comparing Popular Restaurants

I’m comparing Mexican restaurants to American restaurants. The most popular traditional Mexican restaurant is Casa Bonita. There are many around the US. It is known for its traditional food, entertainment. It is most commonly known from the popular tv show “South Park”. I will be comparing Casa Bonita to McDonalds. McDonalds is most commonly known for being a fast food restaurant but it’s America’s most popular restaurant. They have many American foods from burgers, fries to shakes loaded with sugar.

Let’s start with the food, Casa Bonita has traditional Mexican food. McDonalds has what is considered “American food”. Most American food is inherited from other countries. Hamburgers from Germany. French Fries from Belgium. Even their desserts originate from England. So, if you want traditional food you’ll want to go to Casa Bonita for some traditional Mexican food.

Of course statistically McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food places globally. As they have served over one billion people around the world. Casa Bonita could not compare to this much but, this doesn’t answer the question of the better restaurant. McDonalds is considered a fast food chain not a restaurant. What people enjoy most about Casa Bonita is getting to sit down and listen to the music, let their kids play.

Even though Mcdonalds is a very big food franchise with many around the U.S, Casa bonita and many other Mexican restaurants have a better variety of food with different recipes and tastes. American restaurants, a variety of them are fast food chains. With this being said Casa Bonita wins by having better food, better entertainment as far as a restaurant goes and for being a restaurant.

How are They Similar and Different?

Previously, I compared the most popular restaurants in American culture and Mexican culture. In this post I will be comparing and contrasting the food itself. Is Mexican food better than American food? If so, what’s so much better about it?

The similarities are both are prepared with local ingredients. Most of the ingredients are found in your local grocery store. They are both known for using meat products, specifically beef in the majority of their meals. Another similarity is there are many versions of traditional Mexican food turned to American food. For example, Nachos to loaded nachos, fajitas, burritos to chimichangas etc.

The big thing that differs Mexican and American food is the ingredients. Mexican food is typically made with plenty of fresh herbs such as avocado, tomato, peppers, corn and more. American food is more known for its ingredients since most of it comes from other countries then develops as a food in the US. Another difference is Mexican food has a higher spice level than American food. Mexican food typically has many more spices making it spicier than American food.

Overall I believe that it’s up to you and how you like your food. If you have a higher spice tolerance, like vegetables and fruits and traditional foods; You are more likely to enjoy Mexican food more. If you are the opposite, you might like American food more. I personally enjoy Mexican food more and all of its attributes but it depends on what your taste buds enjoy.