Change Math Curriculum at CS

Change Math Curriculum at CS

Editorial Board

The one thing in this school that absolutely needs to be fixed is the Math curriculum.

A few years ago the state passed a new law for Math stating that all public schools must follow a new curriculum known as Common Core.  If schools chose not to teach this new curriculum, they would lose some funding.

We know what you’re thinking, “We can’t afford lose money from the state.”  We need to be conservative with what the state gives us.  Please spend money on things that really matter. For example, the school just purchased new nets that cost a total of $2,000 for physical education classes. This was unnecessary. The old nets were just as effective and student don’t care that much about the quality of equipment.

When the school buys things, it should make sure they’re durable.  Chromebooks break all the time for small reasons and then they’re sent in for repairs. This costs money. The school can save money by getting technology that has a reputation of lasting a long time, or even better, use the old Macs which are just as effective.

The larger issue we have is with the Math curriculum itself.

Sometimes when students need help on homework, they ask their parents how to do the work. The first thing most parents do is used the old-fashioned way and finish work in less than a minute. When asked how they did it, they explain it.  Their method is often easier and faster to do and faster than what students are being taught. When students have their own Math jobs in the future, how will they synchronize with older co-workers who know different methods?

This curriculum causes many students to dislike and give up on Math class. We surveyed 15 students about their thoughts on the new Common Core curriculum.  14 out of 15 students disliked it, and one was not bothered. We asked 20 students how confusing the curriculum was. Seven said it was extremely confusing. That’s nearly 35% of students.

You might also be thinking that CS teachers will have to change to fit this new curriculum we want and how this might impact new incoming teachers. Teachers were all taught this curriculum when they were younger. Look where that brought them, they’re teachers. Let teachers help students with ways that make sense to them when they were in middle school. We think teachers will be able to adapt to this new direction very smoothly.

If the curriculum is changed, more students will understand math and persevere. Teachers will have a easier and more efficient way to teach. Future jobs for students will become easier because they can work together with others who understand the old way of Math. A majority of students will enjoy Math better and be on their path to success.