Rife Launches NitroBall Unit


Nathan E. and Jackson S.

This week in Mrs. Rife’s 6th grade P.E. classes, students are learning about NitroBall. She reads instructions to students. When they make mistakes, she shows students how to do things correctly.

Mrs. Rife teaches six classes, five 6th grade classes and one 7th and 8th grade class. She likes teaching physical education because she has always been into sports and enjoyed P.E. when she was growing up. Her favorite unit to teach is volleyball because it’s the most popular. She has coached three sports at CS including Soccer, Girls Basketball, and Girls Volleyball.

Mrs. Rife keeps students under control while keeping things fun and interesting. She is proud of her relationships with students and says she treats classes fairly and respectfully. Manny and Haley, 6th grade students, agree.

Manny’s favorite thing is volleyball because he is a very competitive person. Haley also enjoys volleyball and added that Mrs. Rife is good at making fair teams. Haley said Mrs. Rife is teaching students through interaction. If students don’t do things right they have to do it again. She would rather have Mrs. Rife than any other teacher for P.E.

If Mrs. Rife wasn’t teaching P.E. she would teach Science. She considers herself fortunate she’s teaching her passion. “Every day I look forward to coming to school and working with kids in a subject I love where I can help enrich lives,” Mrs. Rife said. “I really enjoy it!”