The Beginning of Beginnings

The How to – Greek Mythology


Abbie C., Blogger

This is the story of how life was created, how the Titan’s rule started and ended, and finally how the Ancient Greek Gods came to be. 

First, there is Chaos, then from Chaos is born the Earth, Sky, Sea, and Underworld. Gaea, Uranus, Pontos, and

outer space

Tartarus. Gaea and Uranus, together had the Titans (large, powerful, man like creatures) , Cyclops (large, one-eyed creatures), and Hecatoncheires(100 armed, 50 headed, creatures). Uranus horrified by the Cyclops’s and Hecatoncheires’ appearance banished them to the Underworld, Tartarus. Gaea being enraged by what her husband did to her children raised her other children the Titans to fight against their father. She gave her youngest son, Cronus a scythe, with this Cronus confronted his father and beheaded him with the scythe. From the blood of Uranus, came the Giants, and Erinyes, Cronus threw his father’s head into the ocean and from the foam of the splash came the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Cronus killed his father for his mother and to free his brothers, but he was too much like his father so he kept his brothers locked up. Then he took his sister Rhea to be his wife. Rhea became pregnant and Gaea warned her son that one day one of his children would rise up against him. When Rhea gave birth to her first child, Rhea giving baby to Cronus for him to eatHestia, Cronus immediately ate her. Rhea had four more children, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon, Cronus ate all of them. When Rhea got pregnant for the fifth time she went and cried to her mother, Gaea, together they came up with a plan to switch the baby out for a rock right when it was born.

The plan worked and Cronus swallowed a rock instead of his new baby son Zeus. Tree NymphRhea sent her baby off to live and be raised by a nymph named, Cynosura, she nursed him on goat milk and honey. Every night Cynosura would tell him a story and when he was older she told him of his father and grandfather. Zeus became determined to save his mother and siblings. One day he made his way to his mother. When he did a made a plan to trick his father and help his siblings. Rhea and Zeus made a potion that would make Cronus puke up the other Gods. Zeus brought it to him in a disguise and severed him the drink and as Cronus fell to the ground coughing Zeus pulled off his disguise and showed his father who he was.

The first one Cronus spit up was Poseidon, then Hades, Hera, Demeter, and finally Hestia. They became the first Gods and Goddess of Greek Mythology. Hestia, goddess of hearth and family. Demeter, goddess of agriculture. Hera goddess of women and marriage, fittingly Zeus took Hera as his wife. Then finally Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades drew straws and figure out who would get what. Zeus got of the sky. Poseidon got of the Sea. Hades got Zeus with lightning ballof the Underworld. Some of the Titans fought against the gods when others helped them, finally, the gods prevailed.  When Zeus rained over the Earth on top of Mount Olympus it was known as the era of the Gods.