Do You Know the History of the Apple Logo?

Danny R., Blogger

Do you know how many apple logos there are? Keep reading to find out how many logos there is, how they looked, and were created.

This is the first Apple logo. This logo was created by Ron Wayne and about a month later was sold to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. This logo was used from 1976-1977. I like this logo because it’s old and original.

second apple logoThis is the second apple logo. This logo was made by Rob Janoff. This was made for apple so they got the logo as soon as it was done. This logo was used from 1977-1999 if you were wondering why it is so colorful it is colorful because of the tread at the time. But in today’s age they mean something in apple. I think that this is the world’s biggest coincidence. This is the longest a apple logo has been used. This is my favorite out of all the logos!

aqua logoThis is the third logo. The creator of this logo is Unknown.

This logo was used for 1 year. In the year of 1999. There is nothing special about the color of this logo. Steve Jobs just liked the logo.

This is my second. Least favorite logo, because it is so general.

Old apple logoThis logo is probably familiar to you. This is the logo that was on the iPhone 3 and 3g. This logo was used from 2000 to 2003. This is my 100% least favorite logo because it is just a black apple not even 3D like the 3rd one.


5th apple logoThis is the 5th apple logo. They call this the aqua version of the logo but it was not aqua. It was used from 2003 to 2007. This is literary the 3rd logo just not in blue.



Current Apple logoAs you can tell this logo is a lot like the apple logo 5 just it has a stripe in it. the reason it has a strip it because I think they thought it looked cooler so that is why it is different. Most people do not consider this a new logo because it’s not that big of a change.This logo was used since 2007 to how knows how long because this is the current logo!

Steve Jobs Apple LogoSteven”Steve” Paul  Jobs was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor. He is the founder of apple. This was not an official logo but when he died in 2011 people put his face in the logo instead of the bite out of the apple.


New Apple logo?You might be thinking “Why is the logo so colorful and I have never seen this logo before” that is because this is what the believe the next logo will look like it should come out around the year of 2020. I can’t wait to find out if this logo will actually come out.  Like the second logo each color stands for the main apps.