Mrs. Rife is a Perfect P.E. Teacher


Editorial Board

Mrs. Rife is a fantastic teacher.

She is very kind, patient, and helpful. When students  need assistance, Mrs. Rife is the one to go to. She gives advice and makes sure every student has the answer they want and need. A student wanted his grade up and didn’t have time to come after school. Mrs. Rife was flexible and let him retake his test in a time when it was more convenient. That’s above and beyond what most teachers do.

Most teachers would stop the clock if you’re walking instead of running. They would look at you mad and tell you to start running. Mrs. Rife won’t do that. She’ll ask you if everything is okay and ask you to keep running.

Mrs. Rife is a great friend. She consistently understands kids. If students make a joke or something they weren’t supposed to, she doesn’t get mad. During the Health unit she always bring students Jolly Ranchers. She knows candy will motive us to to do our work and be engaged during class. She recognizes how students feel and adjusts her teaching accordingly. Sometimes students get bored. During soccer season some of her students were tired and she let them have fun and play a game. She knows what it is like to be our age.  Most teachers expect us to do everything right all of the time. Mrs. Rife forgives mistakes and that goes a long way.

She helps all students stay healthy and fit. Mrs. Rife keeps students active and pushes them to their full capacity. One time a student was running the mile and Mrs. Rife told her, “You got this. I have pride in you.” She added, “You can beat your time. You only have half of lap. You can do it.” That girl beat her time and was very happy.

Mrs. Rife has a fantastic sense of humor and you can always have a good time chatting with her. She knows how to relate and motivate students in a meaningful and helpful way.