Mrs. Quint is a Terrific Spanish Teacher


Mrs. Quint is a great Spanish teacher here. Her teaching methods are way different than other Spanish teachers’.

She does interactive activities on her big screen. Some of us have attended other schools. Teachers there only showed us stuff in books and computers. She encourages students to participate by giving us candy and she also gives us candy when we got the answer correct. Spanish teachers in our old schools never rewarded students like this.

Mrs. Quint is a very nice teacher. Other Spanish teachers would get mad if we get off task. They would not giving friendly reminders to get back on track. Mrs Quint does. Mrs. Quint sometimes gives students free time to talk to classmates. In other schools, like Hawthorn Townline Elementary School, the Spanish teachers never gave students free time. It was just get there and start learning.

She is very fun to be around and does engaging activities. She and her students always have a fun time. When students say something funny she will most likely laugh along. We know if students did that in our old schools they’ve attended they would most likely get in trouble. One of the great activities she did this year was having students make posters that describe themselves. It was really fun learning new stuff about your fellow classmates.

Students truly appreciate Mrs. Quint.