Mrs. Gigiano is Great at Teaching!

Mrs. Gigiano is Great at Teaching!

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Mrs. Gigiano is amazing at what she does!

She is very supportive and understanding. One day, a student was having an off day. She saw the student was not acting like herself. She went over and asked if anything was bothering her and the student explained.  Mrs. Gigiano was willing to listen to what was going on. She supported the student throughout the entire situation.

She understands if students get mad or upset more than normal. She’s sp patient with students and tries not to overwhelm them. Sometimes students got overwhelmed with the work they do. If Mrs. Gigiano sees students feeling stressed she allows them to get a drink of water, or walk up and down the hallway until they’re ready.

Mrs. Gigiano makes learning fun!

Every Friday, if there’s time, students play a game of “Pac-Man.” She has two game boards connected to her wall. In order for our character to move students need to earn Pac Points. She hands them out to students who do a good job in class. It’s her morning class against her afternoon one. Whoever is at the higher level near the end of the year is the winner, and the winning class receives a Pac Party. She brings some soda and  pizza!

When students learn stems, Mrs. Gigiano makes a song along with motions for them to remember the things better. Every week, students receive a new set of stems. They have to remember the meanings of each stem in one week. The song help students when they take the quiz. All they have to do is sing the song, and then the meaning of the stem comes back to them. The song is helpful and a fun way to memorize stems!

When students do the Egypt unit, and along with other units, she plays a song that lets them remember the basic facts. Students listen to the song almost every day so their memories could be refreshed. The song is a great way to remember the facts.

Mrs.Gigiano is always open to help!

If anybody ever needs help on a homework assignment, she is more than happy to lend a hand! She won’t really give you the answer, but she would walk you through the steps so then next time you could do it by yourself. Sometimes she gives students hints on what they make a mistake on. This way they can understand what they did wrong and fix it next time. 

During a stem quiz, she gives just enough of a hint to get the point. If anybody has to figure out what a word means with multiple stems in the word, she says “Put the meanings of the stems together.” This is so helpful.

During periods she doesn’t have a class, she will most likely be in her classroom. This is a good time to ask her a question about home or classwork. She doesn’t mind if you interrupt her lunch. She is always open to help her students!

Mrs. Gigiano is a fantastic teacher. Any 6th grade student would be lucky to learn Language Arts and Social Studies from her!