Is CS’s Cooking Class Completely Toast?

Is CS’s Cooking Class Completely Toast?

We talked about it last year and again this year. We want the cooking class to come back to CS. At the very least, we would like a cooking club.

We have taken into account the safety issues. However there are dangers to other activities that have many other risks such as wrestling. This includes concussions, broken limbs, and torn muscles. Also, we could issue a letter signed by the parents specifying what the students will have to do, or be able to do, and have access to such as open flames, boiling water, and more.

Many adults, will need to know how to cook to eat later in life. Cooking is one of many, many, essential skills because you cannot just order food all the time. It will either be unhealthy and costly.

Cooking can be a well-paying profession later in life. Being able to impress people with your skill could allow more professional opportunities. Families, friends, and significant others can benefit and be impressed. Also having a fundamental knowledge of how food should be prepared can lower the chance of personal sickness.

We know you’re thinking, “It’s not fair to the students who don’t want to pursue the culinary arts.” Don’t make it part of the Common Core curriculum then. Instead make it a club or extracurricular activity for the people who want to pursue this art form.

It’s truly not fair to students who prefer, or want to pursue culinary arts later in their life, not have this opportunity. Now while this may not be fair to take time away from other classes, and we see no reason not to offer this as a club.

Cooking overlaps with the current curriculum. It helps students learn mathematical conversion rates.  Learners may have to convert ounces to pound, or vise-versa, and more.

There are other emotional benefits, too.Having a cooking class could allow students to socialize and cooperate in a stress-free setting. Now while most students can relax in a classroom, you have to keep in mind the stress of homework and tests. The cooking club shouldn’t have tests or homework.

You might be asking, “How are we going to pay for all these supplies?” We think we could host more fundraisers, like bake sales which could feature the hard work of student chefs.We could charge a small amount of money to join. We could buy things that come in large quantities to cut down on costs, such as fruit and noodles. As for finding a sponsor or instructor, we recommend finding a volunteer to supervise the club.

Whether it’s a club or class, please return our cooking to CS.