You’ll Give Thanks to Franks For the Memories


Hope J., Reporter

Franks For the Memories is a wonderful dining experience.

When you enter this colorful and unique establishment, you’ll see comfortable red and yellow booths and light brown wooden tables with green outlines.   Championship flags, football helmets, newspaper clippings, and license plates hang on the wall.  While it’s small, people love how vintage it is.

Rock, country, and hip hop songs play as you wait. Chicken sizzles and the ice machine rattles. The intoxicating aroma of hot dogs, buffalo sauce, corn nuggets, and pepper permeates the air.

The service there is phenomenal! The cashiers are really nice and won’t rush you like some other restaurants. They are more than understanding with customers who take too long to order. You can usually expect food within five to seven minutes.  Plus you can fill up your drinks while you wait, so it won’t feel too long. It can take up to a half an hour at other places.

The menu is accessible, easy to read, and has tons of options to pick from including wings, fries, burgers, hot dogs, soup and chili, and combo meals. The prices are one of a kind. A pound of wings is $7.25 and they give you seven wings per pound. Good luck finding places that will offer you that kind of deal. The portion and amount charged is perfect.

The red, orange wings look and smell saucy and delicious. They taste peppery and delightful. The buffalo sauce goes great with the chicken. Plus, they don’t add too much or too little sauce. It’s just right. There’s a range of how spicy the wings can be prepared, but if you love really hot flavor then order suicide wings. Their on the Scoville scale as one of the hottest wings .

If there’s a burnt piece of chicken skin then you have to try it. You may not believe it, but it has a hint of fries and a burnt flavor that can’t be missed. 

If you’re looking for a place to get a quick meal with great deals, fast service, and extraordinary food, then you should definitely stop by Franks For the Memories. 5 PAWS

Franks For the Memories is located at 645 E. Hawley St., Mundelein, IL 60060