Ms. Seibt Hones Reading and Attitudes


Editorial Board

Ms. Seibt is an amazing teacher. We are lucky she’s here.

She is incredibly nice and understanding. She also lets students be themselves and makes us feel good about ourselves. She pays attention to everyone and when they are upset she tries to help. She does the same with teachers.  One day a seventh grade teacher was having a challenging time and Ms. Seibt stopped her instruction to watch the teacher’s class so the teacher could get what she needed. Ms. Seibt listens to you complain and rant about things, and sometimes she will even join. She makes sure she addresses things respectfully and professionally, and she makes sure her point gets across.

Ms. Seibt helps students read better. Reading Lab is for kids who struggle with reading or who have a low reading score. She helped one student so much she was able to leave the class within a trimester. The student used to read really slow with gaps. She use to be in a low reading percentile, but Ms. Seibt helped her read faster and all together. The student still needs to read out loud, but Ms. Seibt helped her gain control over it. She also helped the student get to the 41st percentile which is what a 7th grade level is .

Before this student entered Reading Lab, she would read a book only 2-3 times a year. Yet, Ms. Seibt helps students figure out what books and authors they like . She get super excited when students have to leave her class, but at the same time she’s upset because she creates a relationship with most students (if not all). She’s just glad that she did her job.

Once you get out of her class she still tries to talk to you. If she sees you in the hall she will ask how it’s going and brightens your day. She’s helped students feel better about themselves. It’s nice to know there is someone here for us at anytime .

Ms. Seibt’s instruction goes way beyond reading. She works with students on respect and other behaviors. She taught one student how to not laugh even when things are funny and to start respecting all teachers more. She reminded this student not everything she says has to be rude and have an attitude. She teaches students not to talk about the teachers they don’t like, and to be quiet when they’re not supposed to talk. This applies to assemblies and lock down drills. She says words speak more than actions. She’s right. 

She loves all her students and works really well with them. She never stops helping. Even if students say they don’t need help, she still does and proves that it’s okay to ask.  If students aren’t feeling happy she lets them talk to her about it and express how they feel.

We want to thank Ms. Seibt for all that she does to make us stronger readers and learners.  She is truly incredible.