Dress Code: Our Take


Editorial Board

We recognize the school’s dress code is a controversial topic. We recognize that school officials and parents have their own views on this, but we would like our voices heard. We believe when it comes to the dress code girls have more rules to follow than boys. We would like something to be done.

There seems to be more rules for girls than boys. According toDress Codes Sexism” from “Her Campus at the University of Akron,” These regulations clearly apply to girls more-so than they do to boys. Boys shorts are made longer, their tank tops have thicker straps, and they have no bra straps or cleavage to hide.” Women have more rules because they have more to show. It’s not their fault.

Girls, like boys, just want to be comfortable. When it’s hot outside, people generally show more skin to keep perspiration down. They just want to keep cool to increase concentration. It’s harder to think if you’re uncomfortable. Many rooms are often hot in school and girls wear clothes that might not fit the dress code in order to focus.

Tank tops for girls are often noodles. We understand concerns about spaghetti straps falling off and what can result, but they can be tied or adjusted in the back. A lot of clothes often have fail safe measures so nothing unexpected or embarrassing will happen.

The dress codes seems to be in place so boys will not become distracted. Sorry, but that’s not enough. It is clear that some boys can’t control themselves when being around a girl who shows thighs or shoulders. Everyone has them. Boys should take ownership and control themselves when around any part of the body.

Boys should not look at bodies in this way. They need to be taught that girls’ bodies are not sexual objects. They are human beings that have feelings. Inform your male students the next time they stare at someone’s chest they are making the person feel uncomfortable. We recognize some boys can flirt and compliment, but they should have to learn how to express themselves without offending anyone. It is unfair that our dress code is contingent on the fear of how boys will react.

Please consider the right of female students to be comfortable and express themselves.  They genuinely feel bad when they buy a cute outfit they want to share with friends, only to keep it in the closet because of the school’s dress code. The dress code should not be contingent on how boys will react. This is an educational institution and they should be informed how to not objectify women.

Please consider the feelings of the girls in this school when it comes to the dress code.