Riverport Chorus is Well Worth Your While!



An honor flight event in which we sang to veterans

Riverport Chorus is an all female chorus of approximately 40 people. We meet on Monday nights and always have fun! All ages and female voices are welcome to come and sing in Wisconsin. We perform in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois.

Why We Sing?

We are always hoping to bring smiles to faces with our barbershop songs! Our four-part a capella chorus sings at many events, including annual shows, community events, and competitions. They all serve for a learning experience to entertain our audience! I’m always blown away. I’m more than enthralled to be a part of something so spectacular, especially when we sing for veterans. Most of our members have tears in their eyes after we perform for them.

My Place in the Chorus

Out of the four parts, tenor, lead, baritone, and bass, I am a bass. I sing the lowest part in my group! A few months ago I was singing lead, I didn’t like it because I’m more of a harmony person. Plus, I really don’t like going high.

There’s probably six basses in our chorus, including me. The lead section is really packed with people so we were in need of another bass. Luckily, I was more than happy to join the section.

What is A capella?

A capella is basically where you sing without any soundtrack or instrument playing. A capella really tests your listening and correlation skills because you’re singing a different part than the three other groups in our chorus. I think the baritones have the hardest part because they’re the ones to move notes the most during a song. We really have to pay attention to the director at all times in order to sing as one.

Why Did I join?

I was tired of school choir and it was summer, so I was desperate to go out and sing. Once I heard my friend Hannah was in a chorus I thought I would try to join as soon as possible. Even though I didn’t know Hannah as well as I do now, I was still super eager to get to know her and the rest of the chorus.

Can You Join?

It’s an all female female chorus, so sorry boys, ladies only. Any girl of any age can join as a guest! I recommend being at least 10. If you wish to become an official member, you’ll have to audition for the part that you want to be. Trust me, the experience of being with such a loving chorus will be well worth your while.