What I expect for the football season this year

Joey Domas, Writer

Who I think will win the Super Bowl.


I think the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl this year because of Patrick Mahomes and Darron Lee. Darron Lee is exceptional as the safety and Patrick Mahomes is a reasonable quarterback. The Chiefs were at 12 and 4, for how many games they won and lost. Also, they were first place in the AFC West. If they won, it would be rather interesting because they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 197o


Also I think the Rams will go in to they were first place last season and they have a decent QB Jared Goff and a good running back Todd Gurley.


I expect the Cleveland Browns won’t play well this year despite the fact that they have Odell Beckham Jr. on their team because they aren’t a valuable football team. Evidence that supports this, is when they last won a Super Bowl was in 1964, which is over 50 years ago.