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Lil' Ronnie T., Pro Gamer

 In Minecraft, people build for different purposes. Based on how far in your Minecraft world you are, you might need to build for shelter. Once you have enough resources, you might be able to build a larger, more advanced housing, as well as decorations. After you’ve mastered Minecraft, you might want to build larger and more complicated buildings.

Another part of Minecraft is redstone, which is basically the electricity and computation of Minecraft. Redstone is used to automate tasks, such as farming, moving, feeding, and a lot more. Redstone can automate all of these things with a few blocks, with different uses. The main blocks used as wiring are redstone dust, redstone torches, repeaters (delay), comparators(basic math), redstone blocks, and any block that redstone a redstone signal can pass through. A block that redstone can pass through is any block that won’t deal damage to you if you are stuck in it. Secondary blocks do actions, such as pushing blocks or dropping items. These blocks are pistons(pushes blocks when extended), sticky pistons(pushes blocks when extended, pulls when retracted), droppers (drop items), dispensers (drops items, throws/shoots/uses certain items), hoppers (transports items), observers (detects change and outputs a signal).