The basics of Minecraft

Minecraft Armor


Minecraft Armor

Enrique the G., Gamer

First let’s start with what Minecraft is:

      Minecraft is a free roam sandbox game based on creation, building with blocks, exploration, and having a good time with your friends. In Minecraft, some of the main categories are combat, exploration, mining, building, farming and redstone.

Minecraft pocket edition was released on August 16, 2011 

      In minecraft you can go exploring. You can explore 60 different biomes, these biomes can be put into 5 categories lush, snow, cold, dry, and ocean. You can find villages in almost every biome. Villagers in found in the villages these villagers have homes, farms, and chests that can be looted they can be a good place to get food.

      In minecraft you can build armor and weapons. You can make armor out of leather, gold, chainmail, iron, and diamonds. The better the armor is made out of the better the armor is and the more it protects you from taking damage.

      In minecraft you can also make swords out of wood, stone, gold, iron, and diamonds. The better material you make it out of the longer it lasts and the more damage the sword does. The reason why you need armor and swords is because of mobs. There are 49 different mobs. The most common mobs are skeletons, zombies, creeper and spiders. They can be found in every gamemode other than peaceful.

For more information you can watch a tutorial video like the one linked below:

Or you can buy minecraft handbooks like the one below: