What’s wrong with school?

Public school classroom full of student

Public school classroom full of student

John Ortiz and Alondra Perez Guadarrama

Like many things, school has a lot of problems. First of all, school should start later. One reason why is because many kids would work better if they had a later start, because they would get more sleep. This would help kids wake up not feeling tired the whole day, which hurts student performance, and also reduces effort. In conclusion, a later start would increase student performance and grades.

Another thing the school should work on changing is using online automated teaching sites, such as Amplify and Discovery Techbook. These sites at first seem better than a human teacher, and may be able to cut costs, but the curriculum provided and taught by these sites are subpar and only cover basic concepts, where as curriculum from before these sites were more thorough and generally taught a lot more than automated sites. For example, many students are able to finish the curriculum provided in half the time provided, including the homework. Many students are ahead of these types of sites, and a lot of them are designed to create fake grades that aren’t representative of the students real capability, and some students are given A’s for work that doesn’t meet their grade standard. This type of curriculum can also be very disengaging for students. Another downside of using Amplify is that the difficulty of the material is generally the same from 6-8th grade, and is very boring.

Of course school has its purpose. We go five days a week every week, for at least 7 hours, go through our lessons and go home to practice what we have learned as well. But of course like everything else school has its downsides, some can’t exactly be fixed, but some can, if we were to change certain things with our teaching methods, along with rules.

Starting off with homework, one thing everyone has something to say about, whether it’d be good or bad. Homework can go from something small, and reflecting off of what you learned in class, but then it can get out of hand. In language arts we are required to read for a certain amount of time, whether that 20 to 30 minutes we are all required to read for homework. But let’s say we’re reading a book as a class as apart of an assignment.

school also has a problem with starting so early science has shown that much kids due to homework and electrical devices kids only get 6 hours of sleep when they should be getting nine hours of sleep. And having more sleep would end up for kids to wake up much happier and not sleeping in class. this is why most school should start their day off more later to make up for the 3 hours of sleep most kids miss.

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