Skateboard Budget Banger

Joey Pettinato and Tyler Przespolewski

When you are building a skateboard there are 4 main parts you have to buy. The deck, the trucks, the bearrings, and the wheels.

How to pick your wheels 

When you are looking for wheels, there are two different types of wheels you can buy, soft wheels and hard wheels. Harder wheels means you can slide easier and they are lighter. Softer wheels make it easier to go over cracks and ride in the street. There are also something called cruiser wheels, they are meant for riding in the street because they are so soft. If you just want to skateboard casually I would recommend softer wheels.

My wheels are a brand called spitfire which is the brand most people use because they are affordable but also very good wheels. If you are just getting into skating I would definitely recommend spitfires. There are also rubber wheels that are the softest wheels you can buy but they are also one of the worst wheels you can get because they fall apart easy.


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Another essential part of the skateboard is the trucks. The trucks are the piece that hold your wheels together. Not only do they hold the wheels together they also control how much pressure you have to put into turning. Tightening your trucks make the board wiggle less so it’s easier to balance but it’s harder to turn. Loosening your trucks makes the opposite happen.

Trucks are an important part of your board it’s to get good trucks. The trucks I have are a brand called venture they are nice really good looking trucks but also very good. I like having tighter trucks because it like not having to focus on staying balanced. Thunder trucks are one of the best trucks you can buy but they are obviously more expensive.


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Your deck is the main part of your skateboard and the size is all up to your personal preferences. The bigger your deck, the more weight and landing area is added. The design of your deck really does not matter unless you always look at the bottom of your board. Grip tape is very important on your board because it helps with tricks and gripping your shoes. Designed grip tape really doesn’t change anything including the feel of the grip tape. Your bearings are what makes your wheels spin when you are riding your board. Bearings are very important because if you have bad bearings, your board will suck. Spitfire bearings are really good bearings for cruising and smooth riding. They are a little bit more pricey than other bearings but are definitely worth the 14 bucks.

If you are looking to buy a skateboard online or buy parts online a good website is