Spicy chips review

Spicy chips review

Angel Rivas, Writer

   Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheetos were created by Richard Montañez and are manufactured in 22 different countries which include Spain,cyprus,and poland and are then shipped to stores or other countries.Flamin hot cheetos are banned in most schools because of their lack of nutritional value.

 The price of a Hot Cheetos bag is around $3.79.In my opinion I would say that Hot Cheetos are a 1 out 5 in spiciness because it is very possible to eat a whole bag of them without having to drink or eat anything to calm the spice down.For my personal rating I would give it a 5 out of 5 because they are very delicious and have a reasonable price for just one bag.


Artisans Fuego Chips 

Artisans Fuegos are made by Barcel who also produces 10,00 other products which include sliced bread,toast,buns,chips,and many more it has 169 different plants in 21 different countries.The Artisan Fuego chips are manufactured at some of these plants and then shipped/driven to stores or other countries to then be sold.Artisan chips our very popular in Mexico and are sometimes preferred over Takis and Hot Cheetos.

A 1.9oz bag of Artisan Fuego chips is $1.39.I would give Artisan Fuego chips a 3 out of 5 for spiciness because it is very difficult to eat a whole bag without needing to drink water or without getting a runny nose.For my personal rating I would give them a 5 out of 5 because they are  decently spicy and are made with top quality ingredients.