how to diagnose a electrical problem on a riding lawn mower

Max Weir, Writer

If your riding mower has a problem starting after sitting or at the beginning of the season, then this is for you. The first thing you need to check is the battery use a volt multimeter to test your battery it should be at 12.35 volts if not then remove the positive battery terminal and clean the terminal if still fails charge/replace the Battery. Let’s say you got a new battery and still fails. Check if the starter is getting any power if starter fails to get power replace it. Still fails check the starter solenoid it is usually located under the seat or follow the positive battery wire back and you should find it. Again check for power if it fails to get power or makes a loud click or fast clicking that is your problem. Still not sure put your hand on top of it and turn the key you should feel it. So I hope this helps someone thanks for reading.