A fresh new start in life post 2


Dayana Landa Gomez


My parents wanted a better for them and my siblings. My family was still very young. They came with some family members. My mom was 22 years old. My dad was 25 years old. My older brother was 2 years old. My older sister was 1 years old. My parents rode a bus to the United states. My parents once had to go through a tunnel but there was bad people down there and they had knives. They wanted to steal there money. My mom had a purse and had my diapers and milk for my sibling and a little bit of money. When the men were not looking she took the money from her bag and stuffed it in my brother’s shoes. They took my mom’s purse with my siblings’ things. My uncle got stabbed but his belt blocked it. 


They had to go through a lot to get here. Sometimes they had to walk to places since they couldn’t always be on the bus. They did want to get caught for coming here or else they would get in trouble. Once my parents got here they lived somewhere else not in illinois. They lived with some people who bought them things and let them sleep in their home. They took my family to Walmart to buy things for them. My mom had to buy clothes and food for my sibling since they were still little. After a while my parents went to go live with my uncle, her brother. Many of my family lived there for a while. My siblings grew up there until my parents got a job. After they had bought a home for them. Then my parents had my brother Omar who is 21 now, Alex who is 16 now, Me, Dayana who I am now 14 and my little sister, Kailey who is 11 now. Nowadays my parents still struggle from things but they are better than before, but they have a way better life they did then before.