Your rubik’s cube may be terrible…

Obtained from

Obtained from

Zander Magrow

Rubiks cubes can be good or bad, most people just pick up a cube and turn it, not thinking about the feel or the stabilization or the quality, But if you are a speedcuber, the smallest annoyance can make a big difference in your time and can change everything. Bad cubes are quite distinguishable compared to what would be considered a good cube. A good cube is smooth and customizable while a bad cube is basic and not very smooth or non-magnetic. Whether or not you have a good cube or a bad cube, you can still compete, but the pros of a good cube are hard to compete with.

A bad cube may drastically change your time or it could barely affect you but either way a good cube is more nice and cube brands like gancube or moyu feel premium So next time you get a cube, Do some research, It will save you.

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