Not every fast food is great like this one.

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Imelda gomez, writer

There are many types of fast food restaurants but my personal favorite is Panda Express. That is just my opinion but I also like other restaurants too. Panda Express has the best food because they have a lot of offers and their food gives off the best flavor compared to other restaurants. They have many different types of rice which can give you many choices of flavor. There are healthy things like salads for people who want something a bit healthier. Their Chow Mein is my favorite on the menu because there are many things that come with it like lettuce and vegetables. My second favorite is their Orange Chicken because the flavor of the sauce is incredible, I love it so much that I want to keep eating it. Overall the restaurant has a lot to offer for everyone including kids, they have a kids meal that includes a drink. It also has healthy choices on their menu. They have many appetizers for if you want something small to eat. They also have lots of drinks to offer, in a cup or in a bottle. Their food is the best in my opinion and I hope you think that too.