Seizing the Day with Sports

Outside hitter Is the Most fun Position.



Angelina Kangail , Writer

Imagine this, you only need one more point to win the game and the ball is set to you. You’re an outside hitter and this is your chance. You make your approach, swinging your arms up to give you momentum while bringing your right (or left) arm back. And BAM! You get on top of the ball with your hand and smack it down with a satisfying top spin. The ball whizzes down and makes contact with the other team’s side of the court. You just scored the winning point for your team. You guys won! 

Being an outside hitter is the most fun position on a volleyball team. Yeah you can get some kicks at being the setter or a middle, but who doesn’t love getting to hit (spike) a ball? That’s why being an outside hitter is the best. The spiking, the adrenaline, and playing back row is exhilarating. Not to mention the occasional targeting when spiking. To get a good spike you can practice by throwing a ball up and hitting it like a high five and following through with it, (your arm should end by your side or a little past it). You can keep doing that against a garage door, a wall, and fence. 

Also practice your vertical. A vertical is how high you can jump. By doing calf raises, working on your leg muscles, and jumping, you can achieve a good vertical. A good vertical is essential when spiking because you have to get on top of the ball. This is why I am most definitely not a hitter, but I am a setter and I’m not too bad if I say so myself. You have to communicate with your teammates when playing by calling “mine”, “got it”, and “me”. When you call the ball you get the ball. This is important when being a hitter because you can call out to your setter, “set it to me” or something like that and they can set it to you if possible. 

Anyways, outside hitter is the most fun position on a volleyball team hands down.