A Soccer Players Thoughts – Who Are The Best Defenders???

Daniel Kern, Writer

You can’t make a blog of the best players in the world without including the defenders. The defense is considered by many to be the most important position in the game. Here are the best defenders you will probably see play.

The first player I would say is a Fullback and his name is Trent Alexander Arnold. The Liverpool youngster had an amazing Liverpool campaign last season with the season ending with a Champions League trophy and this season looking like a Premier League title for Liverpool. For Center Backs I can say with confidence it is Virgil Van Dijk from Liverpool. The player is such a good defender only 4 players were ever able to dribble past him. With a 75% duel win rate this season Van Dijk is probably the best defender we have seen in a while.

Finally i’ll talk about goalkeepers, the saviors of teams play one of the most important roles on the team. The best keeper in my opinion is David De Gea. The spanish star was Man United’s star not to long ago. In the 2017/18 season he won the Premier league golden glove. Although recently he has not been as amazing I think someday De Gea will find his way back to number 1