What Kate Kirby and her Friends do in the summer.

Kate Kirby, Writer

Good Morning everyone! Today I thought I should share what I like to do in the summer.Well me and my friends all love to go to the beaches around our area.Our good friend has a key there so we always end of having little cookouts,photoshoots,etc.Loch Lomand beach will always be a favorite.We will go on the boat,and go jet skiing,paddle boarding,etc its so fun.My friends and I really enjoy doing all of this because it’s what we have done in past years it’s fun for us.

My family and I always go to our grandparents lake house! It’s in Door County Wisconsin and it’s on beautiful Chambers island!I can’t wait to go up there again this year!I really miss it!I can’t wait!We always have the best time up there!And theres always something to do.We ride the four wheelers,golf carts,and go tubing,paddleboarding,fishing,boating,kayaking,swimming,everything!I can’t wait for this summer.