Disney Villains Changed Over the Years- When You Don’t Know What to do Anymore.


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Taylor Gates, Writer

Soon Disney started to get into a pattern, each movie would end up having a twist villain, So recently they have started to resort to a new format, no villain at all. However more than half of these movies were sequels, Wreck-It Ralph 2, and Frozen 2. In both of these movies there wasn’t really a villain, sure there were some ¨bad people¨, but not villains. However it wasn’t done very well, both of these movies received not so good reviews from critics. Because the movies were not well received, it made it seem like Disney just didn’t want to, or didn’t know how to write a new villain. So instead they resorted to making the already esablished characters less likeable, to the point where they were stupid and annoying ( Ralph, in Ralph Breaks The Internet).

Once again there is one exception to this, Moana. Moana was a completely new movie, with new likable character, great music, and a fun concept, but no villain. You could maybe argue that Tamatoa, a giant monster crab, was the villain, but he was only really in one scene and his main purpose was to expand Maui’s story. You could also argue that Taka was the villain, but once again she was only in one scene and in the end she served as more of a way for Maui to redeem himself. This caused Moana to have less of a villain, and more of just obstacles that were meant to push the movie along, or cause character development. 

So Disney has gone through a lot of villains, and really only the more recent ones have gotten backlash, however none of these changes seemed out of the blue, and that’s because of Pixar. Pixar, an expansion of the Disney company, has had all three of these types of villains, the difference is they are evenly spread out so the format doesn’t become repetitive. They have obvious villains, like Syndrome in The Incredibles. Twist villains, like Charels Muntz in Up. And no villains, like in Insideout. None of these villains were bad and didn’t receive backlash. So at the end of the day if Disney would just evenly spread them out, and not fall into a pattern every few years it would be better.