The secret life of fashion- The truth about price tags

Allyson Lopez, Writer

Everyone likes to have brand clothes and brag about it. It’s as if it gives you a label if you can afford it or not and how much on brand stuff you may have. Once you see your favorite celebrity post a picture wearing something from a specific brand everyone is rushing to the stores to get their hands on it. I asked myself “how come something as simple as a white shirt with the word supreme on it be so successful ?” it’s believed to say that some buy for the quality and others buy for the tag. The buyer doesn’t care about the actual product as much as they do for the tag. They want everyone to know they bought someone expensive. Which I think is a waste because it won’t matter in the future and you could do more with that money. The product probably isn’t as expensive as the tag says it is. 

Others believe that the higher the price the better the material. The more you spend on a shirt the longer it’s supposed to last and the more comfortable. More expensive the stitching and more wear you can get out of it. There’s smaller portions of an expensive item since it takes time to make each individual piece to be sure that the quality is perfect. My brother bought a $100 brand hoodie before and the material has to be hand washed since it could ruin the hoodie so I don’t know if I completely agree with that claim. It’s also said that the more you spend now the less you’ll spend later on. The expensive items you buy will last longer meaning less of a need to buy new pairs of clothes.