Bakeries-Top Three In Town

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Yanelis Quinones, Writer

There are many different types of bakeries around town. Some of the most popular ones in Mundelein are places like, Karina’s Bakery or La Luz Bakery. Not all bakeries make the same stuff or go off one dessert. But today we will focus on one main thing. The best bakeries in town.

Coming in first place in my opinion…. Tony Cannoli. He has his own little mini shop and makes amazing cannolis. He makes hundreds of different flavors and one tiny little bite always has a savoring flavor. His mini shop got a rating of 4.9 and is still going strong.

Number twoooo…Karina’s Bakery. Karina’s is one of the most popular bakeries in town and has multiple locations placed. They have a rating of 4.5 with over 200+ people commenting on their amazing pastries.

Finally, number three is Lauretta’s Italian Bake Shop and Cafe. Not only is it a bakery,  but also a cafe. That’s two in one, and if you’ve ever tried it. They have amazing dishes to display to you. Over 190+ people have rated them with 4.8 stars.