Cars-The Svt Cobra and it evolution

Ariel Morales Pacheco, Writer

 The cobra was manufactured by ford in 1962, with an engine producing 355 horsepower, which was a v8 engine. It had a box-like frame like the other mustangs that ford released. It kept it the frame until ‘78 which the frame of the car changed into more like an average city than a muscle car. Also this car came with an optional decal of a king cobra in the hood also with an optional v8 engine. In the 80’s the cobra was based on a ford pace car, which has a more city car look and less muscle. In the 1990s the cobra had a new look, and its name was the svt cobra not cobra but the svt cobra. The frame had the looks of a city car with zero muscle but the muscle was in the hood. It can produce a total of 235 horsepower, and it can go 60mph in 6 secs. This frame lasted to 2004, also the ‘R’ model of the svt cobra had to be bought with a racing licence. Lastly the 2004 and some 90’s models are selling for more than ten grand in street or in dealers. Also those are the only models you will  see, any older you might have to be a barn finder. One more thing is that people treat it as gold so if you want one you need some money.