Hip-Hop news- Famous New Songs

Emilio Garcia , Writer

Some of the most famous new songs for 2020  include GOOBA by 6ix 9nine with 560 million views on youtube, wap by cardi b with 177 million views on youtube, laugh now cry later by drake with 83 million views, and the bigger picture with 73 million views And more.

And I do have to admit for takashi 6ix 9nine coming back into the game with a song that had plenty of controversy  around it and still be one of the biggest songs this year it was surprising.  And with cardi b is also very surprising because if you haven’t been listening to her then chances are that you haven’t heard her  around for some time. But now you can’t go anywhere on social media without hearing that song every other video, and it’s even worse on tik tok where people dance  or make a random video to that song and then post it. 

 But overall this year has been really good for many rappers that really put in the work and effort  into their music.