Enter The Wild- Into My Backyard


Blaize Balman, writer

     One of the things I love to do is sit outside and watch what animals come by to eat at the feeders we have in the backyard, or to just pass through. I have noticed unique patterns in what the animals do each day. For example, there is a particular chipmunk that comes by each afternoon to eat. But unlike the other chipmunks it is very cautious and will not even touch the ground when it comes. I love to watch as it travels through the trees until I can no longer see it. Then we have another chipmunk I can get so close I could pet it. I´m trying to get it comfortable with eating from my hand but it is a slow process. Even the squirrels are letting me get close to them. 

     We also have so many squirrels, iḿ having trouble keeping track of them. There is one squirrel that is alway easy to identify by its half tail. I like to call it stump. There is also a smaller squirrel that when it eats from the feeder it will hang from the tree with its back legs and eat its food. It’s kind of funny.

     There are two hummingbirds that come and eat at our hummingbird feeders. I like to watch them as they fly around. I´m pretty sure that they are both siblings. 

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