Betta Fish – Perfect Aquarium Set-Up For A Betta Fish

Linh Luu, Writer

As I promised yesterday, this post will be about the perfect set-up! Keep in mind this is for one singular betta. Female or male. If this set-up sounds too extravagant, my next post will be about a basic betta set up. Let’s start the list.


We first need to start with the bare aquarium. I recommend a twenty-gallon long tank. An image will be inserted below. As bettas come from long narrow streams located in Asia, tanks that provide lots of room horizontally would be the greatest fit. Along with a twenty-gallon tank, you would need a heater that reaches 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and a filter with medium flow. Obviously both the heater and filter need to be for aquariums with twenty gallons of water.


Now to decorate. NEVER.EVER.EVER. use extremely colored decoration. Including rocks, hides, and plants. Also, NEVER.EVER.EVER. use plastic plants. For plants, I forever recommend live plants. If that’s too much work to keep alive… one, then don’t get a betta fish. But, if live plants near you seem unhealthy or are filled with snails I recommend silk plants. They’re artificial but they don’t hurt your betta’s fins. Even with silk plants, consider getting a Marimo moss ball. They, are easy to take care of. They are also not filled with snails and cant harm your fish. Before purchasing live plants be sure to research their care. Only ever use non-toxic natural-looking hides. When purchasing hides slide your finger up and down the sides and if it feels rough PUT.IT.AWAY. For substrate, you NEED nutrient-rich soil and/or sand. I personally prefer half sand half soil. You can also throw in some for aesthetic purposes. Be sure the pebbles are not painted and have smooth sides. Round, so no corners. In the pictures below, I have set-ups that are perfect for betta fish. 


When looking at those tanks, if you see that is TOO much for a set-up… please consider not purchasing a betta. Those tanks are “over” the standard by just a bit. When purchasing a betta fish or any type of fish don’t just MEET the standard for your fish, go over. Your betta fish has to spend the rest of its life there.