My experience with songwriting!

My experience with songwriting!

Riley Blake, Writer

I was always a very musical kid who could pick things up really easily, by 4 years old I was singing rolling stones songs while walking down the street. I was also very social so I would sing everywhere. I soon got more and more musically inclined, and I eventually started writing my own music!

Then you start to think of lyrics. You need to show how you feel in your lyrics. It needs to feel relatable to others and they will listen to it more. Of course creativity is key. Trying to stand out is the best. It will bring you a lot of success.


With time you will gain a lot of success with your songs.I think the one thing people need to know for pursuing music, is to never give up. It is gonna take a while, and there are going to be bumps along the way, but its actually worth it!

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