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Faith Kildew, Writer

Anime isn’t a particularly easy thing to get started with. Many people watch one bad one for their first time and they decide that anime is bad and it sucks. There are a lot of people out there with a distaste for anime and that is why I am here. I will help them cure their mental disorders and help them get over it (joke). I have watched a lot of anime, but I still remember where it started. 

My first anime was Fairy Tail. It has a nice, classic anime feeling that is easy to watch. I haven’t finished yet because it has so many episodes and seasons. Also I get easily distracted by other anime. 🙂 It’s set in a world where people can become wizards and learn magic. There are guilds that they can join to meet other wizards and go on quests. But what happens when the guilds aren’t happy with one another? Watch to find out.

Another beginner anime is My Hero Academia. It is a relatively new anime, being made in 2016. It follows Izuku Midoriya and his quest to become the #1 hero. It is 2030 and 80% of the population has a unique quirk (power) that develops around the age of 4. Izuku just happens to be in the 20% without one, but he aspires to become a hero, just like his idol, All Might. But how will he become a hero without a quirk? If you wanna know, check it out.

This sounds like I’m being sponsored, because I am (joke). I do have a bit of a warning for My Hero Academia, though. If you do choose to join the fandom, please try to stay neutral in debates and fandom wars. Just note that there are toxic people who will push their ideas of the characters on you. I haven’t experienced much toxicity in the Fairy Tail fandom, just if there does happen to be a fandom war, be smart about it and exclude yourself or be careful. Enjoy your anime watching!