Top 3 Unsolved Deaths

The Top 3 Mysterious Mysteries in the World

       What would you do if your house was on fire and your siblings were never found on Christmas! The year of 1945, the night before Christmas the Sodder  family home was caught on fire. There were a total of 9 children. Since it was Christmas Eve there weren’t any firefighters available to help until the next morning. There were no bodies found. Many people believe they were kidnapped. The father of this kids, George Sodder has lots of hate and he was threatened a couple times and he thought that’s why his kids disappeared but,  that wasn’t the case or was it? But one day the mother of the kids, Jennie Sodder received a photograph of a young man, they thought it was one of the sons. But in the back of the photo had a very cryptic message. They sent a detective to Kentucky to investigate, but the man was never heard from again.

       Being in Los Angeles can be pretty dangerous if you tell me. There are many mysteries and murders that happened all the time. In 1947, the body of a 22 year old actress named Elizabeth Short was abandoned in a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Her body had been drained of blood, and she had been cut in half. Her lips were cut on the edges of her mouth, like a very wide smile. A few days later, a medical examiner received an envelope in the mail from the killer. They used words cut out from a magazine to send the message: “Los Angeles Examiner and other Los Angeles Papers – Here is Dahlia’s belongings. Inside of the envelope was Elizabeth Short’s social security card, birth certificate, photos, and other personal identification. Medical Examiners infer that the killer rubbed gasoline over the paper to get rid of the fingerprints. With this information we can also  infer that this murderer was mentally unstable, and they had a lot of joy killing the body of this woman, but the killer was never found.

        What would you do if you found a body with hair in a box? This mystery is so mysterious, that detectives couldn´t find out who did this. The year was 1957, and there was a body of a boy with blond hair and blue eyes was found in the box in Philadelphia. The boy was between the age of 5 and 7 years old. He was stuffed inside of a box that was used for a baby bassinet. There were many brutal scares and markings and blowouts over his body. His image was circulated around the country to find his identity, but no one claimed him. There are many terrifying theories circulating around this case. There are theories that the child had a car accident the parent disposed of their body to not get found or so an abusive foster mother killed her while giving her a bath. In conclusion, there is no proof of evidence for any of these theories so, the case still remains unsolved.


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