Italian History

Quick Trip to Italy

Sonny Escobar, Writer

Italy also has a very interesting history that people might have never even known. Italy was known as the home of the Romans and the metropole of the Roman empire. Rome was founded as a kingdom in 753 bc and became a republic in 509 bc. When the monarchy was overthrown in favor of the government of the Senate and the people. 

Italy was founded in 700 BC, when Italy emerged into the light of history it was already inhabited by various peoples of different cultures and languages. According to the most widely accepted explanation, Latin italia may derive from Oscan Víteliú, meaning “land of young cattle,” via Greek transmission. That is how Italy had gotten its name. The Roman Empire, Italy was the center of one of the largest empires the world has ever seen, and the wealth that poured into the peninsula led to the creation of some of the most magnificent monuments of the ancient world.

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