What is the history behind Ballet Folkorico?

This is Amelia Hernandez she is the one who created Ballet Folkorico


This is Amelia Hernandez she is the one who created Ballet Folkorico

Jolette Jimenez, Writer

So you might be wondering where did it start who discovered Ballet Folklorico? Ballet folklorico was founded by Amaleia Hernandez in 1952 one interesting fact about her is that she only discovered Ballet Folklorico with eight dancers crazy right.  Another interesting fact is that she actually started off as a ballet dancer but then turned to folk dances. I know I  didn’t know that before today.  Also can you believe that Ballet Folkorico can be traced all the way back to the ceremonial and social dances of indigenous people living in Mexico.        

 According to Inside the History and Techniques of Folklórico – Dance Spirit when the Spanish conquistadors arrived they brought their own music and dances with them. During the colonial period {1525,1810) immigrants from all over the world for example Germany, France, parts of Asia and many more other places influenced music and dances. Every state has its own way that people can be independent from where they live their own specific unique dance. In my opinion this is really interesting. The fact that every region/state has their own unique way/dance to be proud of and that they can dance their own states dance and feel like themselves. If that was ever taken away from them it would be like a part of their identity was missing so it’s nice that they still had that.