World Record for Shi No Numa

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Alexis Marinez, Writer

Shi No Numa probably one of the easiest and one of the bugest maps out but also the hardest world record to obtain. Shi No Numa looks like a simple and normal map with its perks Juggernaut, Quick Revive, Double Tap and Speed Cola.  But looking more into the map there can only be 24 zombies in a round, there’s also a trap, a wonder weapon called the “Wunderwaffe” which is a one shot weapon on any round, it has 18 rounds, with its low ammo it can kill 10 zombies with one shot, So shooting 3 shots to a zombie hoard will end the round. Playing a safe strategy like this will make the map insanely easy with putting all of this together people can get to thousands of rounds. But getting the world record on this map might be the hardest world record to get! 

Its World at War being really buggy one then zombies can grab you and pull you in so moving around is harder, dogs round being the harder rounds in this map because when the dog bites it takes 3 seconds to regenerate your health back while getting hit by a zombie it will instantly regenerate. Last about the game being buggy is the hardware with this using PC is the worst option to play because it probably count the entities twice as fast. This is worst because if you go higher than the entities the game will restart so the game can only be played to 53 hours of in game time while PS3 has the reset of 75 hours while Xbox 360 has the reset of 103.

Frank P, an unknown player, got to round 2032  he was the first person to get to round  above 1000 and he made the first strategy which what he did is that he stayed by the trap and go to the doctors quarters and kept repeating until his game froze. Only three days later, Sizzle Steps took the world record, getting to round 2147. What he did was the same as Frank P, but this world record lasted over 3 years this making the longest lasting world record in Shi No Numa. 

On August 12 2012, A Call of Duty commentator named legit gamer got to round 2150 only beating it by 3 rounds which he also did the same thing as the two others but it wouldn’t stay as long as sizzle steps but stayed for 1 year. December 27th 2013 a Player went by the name KSR Chronicles was the first person to reach round 3000. He ran almost the same as the others but ran around the main box location making the round going by faster. He played this game in a span of 6 days so he played 32 to 34 hours of actually playing so going to round 1000 would take 9 and half to 10 hours to get round 1000 for an average person. This world record lasted for 5 months. 

May 10th 2014, a known player in the community Exbr got to round 4356, absolutely shattering the previous record by over 1356 rounds. He ran a older strategy by standing in the bridge waiting until the zombies spawn and running to the flogger (which is a Trap that can kill zombies instantly) so all the zombies that are behind you are going to run to the trap and kill them pretty much ending the round but you have to kill the zombies in the window next to the trap. On the next round the trap has a cool down so you have to wait a whole round so the trap can be activated again you will have to stay next to the trap and shoot the zombies with your wunderwaff or go farther so you will be safer but it will take longer, Once the round is finished you will round back to the trap and repeat the strategy. This strategy is fast and easy making this one of the most iconic strategy in Shi No Numa record and in zombies but this record will only stand for a month but exbr would make the craze for Shi No Numa and 5 people breaking his record in a span of 8 months. 

On June 28th, 2014, one of the best World at War players in his time zombies slayer germany uploaded his record 4529 beating the previous byb only 168 rounds, he ran the iconic strategy that exbr ran. This world record only stand for a month. July 31st 2014, a well know player who went by “TheYahwehWizard” uploaded his record which he got to round 5524 beating the previous one by 995 which making this the first time this map got to round 5000, which sparked a turning point for this map, He used the flogger strat which he only took 55 hours in game time also instead of him downing the map rested making this the second time that someone rest on this map, This record only stood for four months. 

Then on December 10th, 2014, some unknown player in the time called SantasBananas which he got to round 7115 destroying the previous one by 1591 and he used the Flogger strat. There isn’t much about this one besides going down by a dog. He only hold this record for only 3 days making this the shortest world record in Shi No Numa. A very popular zombies player called Frenzy getting to round 7200. Despite only beating SantasBananas record by 85 this is the first world record that hit 1 million views which made the map very popular in the zombies community. This record stood for 2 years.

Mid April, one of the best coop players named insta killer reached round 9072 destroying Frenzy’s record by 1872. This record was huge because making it the first round 9000 but also making a race of who can reach round 10000 or if it’s even possible. Before this round was uploaded player were thinking is it possible to reach round 10000 in this map? Freezes and errors are very common, but people didn’t know why this was happening and they didn’t know how long a zombies game can be played until it freezes. So people wondered if you go to round 7000 would your game reset but inster killer came in and got to round 9072 and played for 88 hours of in game time and proved that 10000 could be a thing. The time in order to get to this high of a round this record would be untouched for 3 years almost seeming this record seems impossible to touch this didn’t stop hundred of players trying to get this.

For months people didn’t touch Shi No Numa until out of the blue Rivv10 broke the record. In one weekend he started to play seeing himself on round 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 and then seeming himself on round 9072 on the world record as InstaKiller taking him 86 hours of in game time but he wasn’t done. Remember getting to 10000 was the next big goal well Rivv10 went for it. He kept grinding until to 9948 marking the worst disaster he went down to zombies only the reason because he was cocky about it and thinking he can get around the zombies, He was only 52 round away from round 10000.

Guess who’s back? It’s Cruppz, one of the best World at War zombies player that has ever lived. He was the first person to get to round 10000; he has spent over hundreds of hours trying to get this. He did use the normal strat of the folgger. Also this video gained over 1 million views which making this the 2nd video to reach that and he wasn’t popular at the time so when he hit that it was amazing for him. So when this hit a million people started to respect for him and for the zombies community of how far they pushed this map.