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Arianna Gaona, Writer

I love taking pictures of things like flowers or of different sceneries and stuff like that or sometimes even people depending on what kind of phone I am using. I use an Iphone when I take pictures of myself or like the flowers and scenery, on an IPhone there are a lot of different settings that you can use to make your pictures capture everything and keep the natural look of it or keep it looking the same. 

When taking pictures of flowers I like to change the filter to make it look colder or warmer depending on the lighting or the colors of the flower. I learned that doing this helps accentuate the colors of the flower. If you are using the normal camera on an IPhone you can also put on the portrait mode so it focuses on the flower and blurs the background enough where you can see the flowers in the background but not as much as the main flower. You can also zoom in just a little bit so it’s close enough to it but still far. 

Now taking pictures of scenery, I like to lower the brightness not too much but just enough where there wouldn be any glare or anything that would make the picture look messed up or messy.