Dollar Tree

How to get food for cheap

Dollar Tree

Jessica Joya, Writer

Do you have ten dollars but cant buy anything with it? Then go to the Dollar Tree! Dollar Tree has snacks, drinks and even ice cream all for one dollar! Dollar Trees have things that you can take home and bake. They have microwavable meals. And things on the go. If you’re thirsty they have a variety of drinks like sparkling water, apple juice and gatorade.

When I go to the store sometimes when I want to grab a snack it is hard to choose what to get from all of the choices that are there. Something that I like to get from Dollar Tree is Pop Tarts. They’re good and something fast to eat. I also like to grab chips or candy for a snack. There are many drinks to choose from and a drink that I like to get is Ice Sparkling water.

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