Don’t know what to do with a tiny puppy boxer?

Boxer dogs


Fedra Lemus, Writer

Boxers are a very good family dog. When you first get them you have to make sure they are trained properly. Either train them yourself or get them trained professionally. It would be better to get them trained younger because they get to learn faster and will continue to be trained while they get older. Sadly I  made the mistake of not getting my dog trained while she was a puppy. She is still only 6 months but she is pretty big. Now that she’s older, it’s harder to train her. 

Boxers are energetic. Make sure they get plenty of time to let their energy out or else they will not fall asleep till later. Trust me. It is best if they get to play with other dogs that will be a win win for both of the owners. They will be interacting with other dogs and they will get to sleep right when they get into their bed. If they have had a long day boxers will normally sleep 8-11 hours.