Tony Gonzalez, Writer

Wendy’s overall is a solid restaurant. Starting from the fries, they are over all exceptional. They could be better, I would like them to have salt to potato ratio. The sauces on the other hand, are not good. The barbecue is very bad, uneatable. I would never recommend it to someone. It makes me not want to get any other sauce from Wendy’s. Besides the barbecue the sauces are okay, but the sauce really needs improvement.

The chicken nuggets, they are pretty good. I like that the nugget isn’t 90% bread like some fast food chains. The actual chicken to breading ratio isn’t that bad. For my personal liking, I would love a little more breading, there is more meat than breading. It’s not a bad thing some people might like it but I would like a little more bread. The spicy nuggets are especially good because the amount of spice isn’t overpowering the actual taste of the nugget, like in some other fast food restaurants. I can’t say anything really bad about it, they are my favorite spicy nuggets out of all spicy nuggets.

Moving on to the chicken sandwiches, I’ve only ever had the spicy chicken sandwich and not any other type of chicken sandwich. That being said the spicy chicken sandwich is pretty good. I like that they give a whole leaf of lettuce. I don’t like it when fast food chains give a bunch of little bits of lettuce, I dislike it because it’s too messy for me. Whenever I eat a chicken sandwich that has lettuce like that it always ends up on the floor rather than my mouth. If the rest of the chicken sandwiches are like the spicy chicken sandwich I think Wendy’s is pretty good at sandwiches.