Impossible Shading

Helping with the basics of art


Logan Sill, Writer

     This paragraph will go over the different styles or methods of shading. So the first one or the one I think is the best is cross-hatching to smudging it. This method will make it a bit more realistic because it is smoother than normal cross-hatching in the way that it makes the lines not visible but the color is still there. For this style to make it darker add more marks and smudge it more. Next we have cross-hatching, a great style that a lot of people use. This way you can make it realistic and it is very easy to do. All you have to do is just draw a small line then another small line that crosses it. This way if you want it darker move the marks closer together. Last of the ones I know of is the solid shading. I don’t like this one as much as the others because for where the shadows are you just put a thick black line for it. If you want the shading to be darker press down with your pencil harder.

     Now for this one we will be showing how to do it with the different styles and shapes. So for the first shape we will have the light coming from the top right of the image. For the cross-hatching smudging one you would shade the lower left half in a crescent shape and smudge the cross-hatching to the entire thing but do it in a circular motion. Now with the normal cross hatching do the same thing but do the hatching very close together in the same motion but throughout the shape make the hatches farther and farther away from each other. For the last one just do a solid crescent shape at the bottom left of it. With these shading methods you can do the same thing but with the edges different and the shapes of the shadow on it different too.