Why Many People Are Addicted to Netflix

All About Netflix



Vanessa Gonzalez, Writer

When there’s a rainy day or just a boring day feeling like doing something in bed, there is an amazing solution to that. Netflix. Netflix is very addicting. Trust me they have your favorite shows and movies whether it is drama or documentaries. They have everything. One good thing about Netflix that they have tv shows that aren’t Netflix originals. If the platform was just Netflix originals I wouldn’t be as addicted to Netflix as I am right now. I’m not trying to hate on anyone who makes Netflix movies or shows but they really aren’t as interesting, but that’s beside the point because there are a lot of good Netflix originals.

Another good thing is that Netflix has the good shows on their platform. I had Hulu for like 2-3 months and I didn’t know what to watch because there were a lot of things that seemed boring. Also other streaming platforms have ads. I despise ads. I just want to watch my show without interruptions. I hate being disturbed in a really big cliffhanger in the middle of the show. I like to know what happens next. All of these reasons make Netflix really good and addicting.